A place where men come to commune with God, get answers to questions, reinvigorate their Christian passion,  fellowship with others, and praise the God of glory! Speaker, Music, and Break-out sessions will be announced as we get them.

About The Georgia Men's Advance

Thirty-eight years ago Jimmy Rogers and Dell Swiger decided to initiate a Men's Retreat through Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship, an international ministry. Instead of Retreat, they called it Advance, because Christians should never retreat. It was a big hit that first year in 1980, and continued and grew.  They found Rock Eagle 4-H Campgrounds to be a great venue for the Advance, and we have been here nearly thirty-six years. In  September 2018 we will have the 39th Annual Georgia Men's Advance, and hope you will join us.

              Georgia Mens Advance 

Rock Eagle