Don't Miss The 40th Annual

     2019 Georgia Men's Advance    

Pictures From September 2018

​​​Outside Tent Meetings - Baptism's - 35 to 40 deliverances

 people all over falling out in the Spirit

​"Truly, this Advance committee has outdone themselves! Amazing"

"September is so much better; it's warm, sunny, and pleasant"

Keynote Speaker Saturday Night - Gary Vanover

"He was awesome"

"Man, he was great"

​"People were falling out all over the place"

September 13 - 15, 2019

"You guys have brought the Men's Advance to a new level...great!"

Friday Night Speaker Yannik McKie

"That guy was amazing...

"Yannik lit the place on fire"

"Tremendous testimony"

The Speakers were so anointed ...

Multiple 17-20 year regular attendees said,

"This was the best Advance ever"

"The Holy Spirit Permeated This Place...I've Never Seen Anything Like It!"