September 13 - 15, 2019

"You guys have brought the Men's Advance to a new level...great!"

Multiple 17-20 year regular attendees said,

"This was the best Advance ever"

​​​Outside Tent Meetings - Baptism's - 35 to 40 deliverances

 people all over falling out in the Spirit

​"Truly, this Advance committee has outdone themselves! Amazing"

"September is so much better; it's warm, sunny, and pleasant"

Keynote Speaker Saturday Night - Gary Vanover

"He was awesome"

"Man, he was great"

​"People were falling out all over the place"

The Speakers were so anointed ...

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     2019 Georgia Men's Advance    

Pictures From September 2018

Friday Night Speaker Yannik McKie

"That guy was amazing...

"Yannik lit the place on fire"

"Tremendous testimony"

"The Holy Spirit Permeated This Place...I've Never Seen Anything Like It!"