Mark Jenkins - had a life dealing with demonic oppression, which lead to a life of drugs and alcohol, and finally to murdering a woman he was having an affair with. He found the Lord in prison and served 20 years, and was then released. He has spent his life since serving the Lord by evangelizing, working in his church, and ministering the gifts God has given him.

2018 Speakers

Breakout Sessions

Gary Vanover– Repentance & Deliverance – There is a tremendous need for all of us to learn the importance of repentance, and to be delivered from demonic forces who continue to tear at out Christian fabric. Gary is a missionary who puts his life on the line in jungles and other places to bring deliverance and salvation to the lost. He has recently ministered to MS-13 Gang members who broke down and accepted the Lord. 

Larry Martin  has been a long time attendee of the GMA, and loves to relate how the God of Glory looked down upon him in all of the sinful things he was into, and not only delivered him, but anointed him to share the gospel where ever he goes. He has a riveting testimony, and will be speaking in our outside tent Saturday afternoon.

​                                                     Outside Event - Saturday Afternoon

Combined Men and Youth

Tent - Speakers - Music - Free Snow Cones & Popcorn

Gary Vanover– Gary will have a session for those who need or want deliverance. Many of us have strongholds in our lives like unforgiveness, sexual sins, hate, and many other satanic oppressions that we need to be delivered from. 


Dwight Keith - "How to live a supernatural life in these dark times” - We can live a God directed life and successfully fight the evil that is eating up the world around us through the power of God’s Holy Spirit!

Bob Elsaesser– Bob heads up the Georgia GODMOBILE program. He and those who join him have won thousands upon thousands to the Lord. For anyone who wants to learn the easy way to do the same, attend this breakout session and you’ll see what Jesus meant when He spoke of the hundredfold return.

              Georgia Mens Advance 

Yannik McKie - Yannik is the Founder and Executive Director of the McKie Foundation through which he donates his time and resources to at-risk youth. For his efforts with youth, Yannik was awarded the Change Maker of the year award from the National Leadership Council and he was inducted into his alma mater, Georgia Southern University’s, top 40 under 40 alumni class. Yannik’s diverse life experiences make him a highly sought after speaker for universities, businesses and nonprofit organizations.Type your paragraph here.

About The Georgia Men's Advance

Thirty-nine years ago Jimmy Rogers and Dell Swiger decided to initiate a Men's Retreat through Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship, an international ministry. Instead of Retreat, they called it Advance, because Christians should never retreat. It was a big hit that first year in 1980, and continued and grew.  They found Rock Eagle 4-H Campgrounds to be a great venue for the Advance, and we have been here nearly thirty-six years. In  September 2018 we will have the 39th Annual Georgia Men's Advance, and hope you will join us.

Brandon Key - has a bachelor’s degree in education from the University of South Carolina Aiken, a master’s degree in Theological Studies from the Pentecostal Theological Seminary, and is currently pursuing his doctorate in Strategic Leadership from Regent University. He is happily married to his wife, Sierra and father to two children, Rhetta and Grady. His church has grown almost tenfold under his Pastorship.

Tom Allanson– Tom is a FGBMFA Director-at-Large, and oversees the Georgia Prison Ministry and After Care Programs. Tom and his teams go into the prisons regularly, bringing Bibles and holding meetings with inmates. Tom is responsible for establishing six in-prison Chapters.